Care Advice for Wool

Wool should be washed at low temperatures without agitation or it may shrink, stretch or felt.  Pure wool is not suitable for machine washing in a standard wash cycle and should not be tumble dried or wrung out.

To take care of your woollen item please hand wash at low temperatures (about 30C) using a gentle detergent suitable for use on wool.

Do not move the item around while washing (agitate) - just let the item soak in the water for a while.

To rinse, gently squeeze out excess water and rinse in cool water a couple of times.  Again do not agitate.

To dry, gently squeeze out excess water and reshape if needed, laying the item on a flat surface to dry so that it does not stretch out of shape.

Care Advice for Wool and Alpaca Pillows

Unzip the pillow case and remove filling before washing. If the filling is soiled it can be washed at a low temperature as described above. The pillow case can be washed in a washing machine and can be refilled when both the pillow case and fill are fully dry.