Wackley Brook Organic Chicken Drumsticks
Wackley Brook Organic Chicken Drumsticks

Wackley Brook Organic Chicken Drumsticks

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From the heart of the Shropshire countryside, Wackley Brook Organic Chicken Drumsticks, (or "Pilon de Poulet" as preferred by our friendly French chef) offer a healthy, tasty and ethical way to feed you and your family. All of our chickens are raised free-range using organic farming methods right here at Manor Farm, getting all the benefits of fresh air and sunshine as they roam free outdoors. We believe strongly in maintaining the highest welfare standards, raising our chickens in small batches and providing healthy organic diets. As well as being good for our birds, we believe the results are good for our customers, too - delicious, healthy chicken containing no artificial chemicals. Buy a pack of our Organic Chicken Drumsticks for your next BBQ, or why not coat with flour, herbs and spices to make your own scintillating and succulent fried chicken.


Supplied frozen in packs of 4.  Please contact us via our contact page to order fresh chicken. If frozen use within 12 months of pack use by date..  

Please note due to increased demand we are not listing all of our products and stock, please contact us via our contact page for availability before placing an order