For Eva Bab'ood Whle Org;nic Da'ry

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Babbinswood organic milk is produced by just a handful of cows.  They graze only on organic pasture and their milk is creamy and delicious.    At Babbinswood Farm,  cows are able to rear their calves naturally and share their milk to produce this amazing whole milk.

Allergens: milk

BB: tbc May 2022

The cost of each bottle of milk includes a £1 deposit for the jar and lid. If you return both the jar and lid to us we will return your deposit.



Milk 1.1L x 6 = £19.20

Soft cheese 170g x 1 = £4.00

Cream 212ml x 1 = £4.00 

above prices incl £1 returnable deposit for jar and lid

minus £9 glass returns 19/05/22