For Eva Wackley Brook Organic Free Range Chicken - second one (2121WB)

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Tasty, succulent, slow-grown chicken raised the proper way in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. We believe that the secret of good eating is in good rearing, which is why all of our birds live happy, free range lifestyles. Raised in small batches, all of our chickens are free to roam outdoors right here at Manor Farm, our smallholding in Wem. By using 100% organic methods and maintaining the highest welfare standards, we believe we offer a superior quality product where the proof is in the tasting. Our Whole Organic Chickens make a fantastic family roast, or why not try slow-cooking a whole bird stuffed with your favorite herbs and garlic for a delicious melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

The carcass makes a delicious stock or why not use it for homemade chicken soup, believed to be a healthy remedy for many common ills. 


Supplied Frozen as a single bird.  Please contact us via our contact page to order fresh chicken.  If frozen use within 6 months of pack use by date.  Current price: £7.80 per kg.