Appleby’s Double Gloucester

Appleby’s Double Gloucester

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Smooth and buttery in the mouth, rich and nutty yet mellow in flavour, Appleby’s Double Gloucester is an outstanding choice for those who prefer milder cheeses. It is also a fine example of the Appleby family’s cheesemaking heritage. The Double Gloucester produced at the family farm today is based on an original recipe used by family business matriarch Lucy Appleby MBE in the 1980s, modified over the years to develop the perfect balance of ingredients and maturation. A cheese created from three generations of family expertise, Appleby’s Double Gloucester is made with 100% unpasteurised fresh milk straight from the family’s Hawkstone Abbey Farm in Shropshire.

All Appleby’s cheese is sold in pre-packaged portions. 

Allegens: milk.   Not suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: Raw cows milk, culture, rennet, annatto, salt

BB: 27th July 2020