Fordhall Farm Just Pork Sausages

Fordhall Farm Just Pork Sausages

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Lovely sausages from Fordhall Farm butchery, these delicious pork sausages are made using natural casings and free range pork from the farm's Gloucester Old Spot pigs.  As it says on the label, there's no added ingredients and no seasonings, just pork!

For sausages without additives but with seasoning, why not try Fordhalls Gluten Free sausages.

This is what Fordhall say about their sausages....

Fordhall's Gloucester Old Spot pigs live free range on the farm with open buildings to provide shelter. Their feed is supplemented with a GM Free, vegetarian cereal mix (not organic) as well as grass cuttings from the garden. Gloucester Old Spot pigs mature slower than the conventional breeds which allows flavour to build within their pork, its something that shouldn’t be missed!


Pork 90% Pork fat 10% no seasoning

Supplied frozen