Appleby’s White Cheshire

Appleby’s White Cheshire

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Lovingly made from a family recipe passed down through three generations, Appleby’s White Cheshire is a mouth-wateringly excellent example of a timeless classic. Cheese lovers will not be disappointed by the crumbly yet creamy texture, the zesty acidic sharpness or the huge long-lingering aftertaste that leaves you hankering for more. Appleby’s White Cheshire is made with 100% unpasteurised fresh milk straight from the family’s Hawkstone Abbey Farm in Shropshire and contains only vegetarian rennet. Enjoy as an accompaniment to fruitcake or figs, or on a sandwich with a sweet and spicy chutney.

All Appleby’s cheese is sold by weight in pre-packaged portions. 

Allegens: milk  Suitable for vegetarians. 

Ingredients: Raw cows milk, culture, rennet, salt

 BB: 26th July 2020